Amy is a young girl with big Dreams and nothing will get in her way. She may be little but has a big personality and voice to go with it. Since Amy was nine she has been fortunate enough to collaborate with iconic Australian and American Country music artists.

Amy showed an interest in music at an early age, singing Karaoke at friends party’s and in front of the television from the age of three. She later requested a guitar for Christmas and was gifted this to her from her grandfather, a bright pink guitar from the local music shop and in grade three she began lessons.

In 2019 the family travelled to Ulru for holidays and on their travels met a man named Jacob Mcguffy, unknow to the family at the time, an incredible musician/guitarist. In 2019 the family traveled to the Tamworth country music festival where a year later caught up with Jacob and attended a concert he was playing in, and this was the start of Amy’s journey. Amy was introduced to the world of Live country music and was in orr. This is where Amy met Australia’s Queen of Bluegrass Kristy Cox. Amy loved everything Tamworth had to offer, especially Bluegrass Country Music.

On the return from the family holiday Amy was sad and begged her father to return. Her father convinced her to talk about her feelings and they began to write these down which in turn turned into their first song they wrote together, “Back to Tamworth”.  The family decided to return the following year and Amy entered the young talent contests singing her song “Back to Tamworth” and Bill Monroe’s “Blue moon of Kentucky”.  Amy placed in both contests and loved everything about performing on stage.  Amy had her first taste of busking and to say the least it was a successful Tamworth.

Since then, the family has returned each year the festival has been on along with many others, such as Music in the Mulga, Back to basics, Capella and more, partaking in the walkup stages and competitions available across the Country music scene.  Some of Amy’s achievements are:

  • Encouragement Award at the EKKA Country Music Showdown Jnr 2022

  • Winner of the Chad Morgan Shooting Star at the 2022 Capella country music Festival.

  • Runner up in the Tamworth Macca's Golden Gig Contest 2022.

  • A Neo traditional Country & Bluegrass Singer Songwriter Graduate of the CMAA 2021 Junior Academy Of Country Music  

  • A Multi Instrumentalist & Scholarship Recipient of Dorrigo Old time Musicians School &[ ABOTMA ] Young performers grant at just 9 years of age

  • Runner up in the 2020 Tamworth Songwriters Association singer songwriters Quest. 

  • Scholarships yet to attend include The Kruger Brothers Bluegrass Academy & Bennett  Sullivans Tunefox  Academy North Carolina  U.S.


In 2020 Amy also released her first single “Sitting Pretty” across all platforms and will have her EP available December 2022.  Amy busks regularly at markets and venues saving money to fund her life dream of a musician. Amy enjoys telling her stories through lyrics and playing guitar and loves performing these whenever she has the opportunity.  Amy is a junior graduate of the Australian country music Academy in 2021 and attends many song camps and workshops co writing with the best in the business. 

Amy has a love for the land and has co-written the song “Our Land” with her father Andrew Ryan, winning the Tamworth Songwriters Association Contest , Winner of the Novice – The Garry Koehler Commemorative Award 2022. Amy is excited to be releasing this in the very near future with her first ever Music video filmed out at Birdsville. 

Amy has recently attended her first Gympie Country Music festival in the youth muster showcase and is becoming noticed across the festival scene picking up bookings in both QLD and NSW.

Amy has captured the attention of many in the audience and the music industry with her big personality, confidence and skills.